CA Green Job Corps

We have completed our Green Jobs Corps program. The program final report is available here:

Green job training is still available through a variety of programs: 

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What is the Sierra Nevada program?

The Sierra Nevada Green Jobs Corps program is a collaborative effort between Fourth Sector Strategies, Local Employers, Golden Sierra Workforce Investment Board, and Community Colleges. Participants will enroll in a 2.5 month green job pathways exploration program to learn about and get hands-on training in green job opportunities in the Sierra Nevada. These opportunities include organic farming, sustainable forestry, biomass utilization, forest and watershed restoration, renewable energy, green plumbing, and energy efficiency. 

The program begins with a weekend mountain retreat where participants will learn the fundamentals of environmental stewardship and civic engagement, while engaging in fun activities like skiing, show shoeing, and rock climbing. Participants will get to know one another, learn about themselves, and build confidence and commitment for a successful program. 

In addition to exposure to several green job opportunities, participants will go through a rigorous energy audit internship, where they will work with businesses in their communities to identify energy savings opportunities, and connect customers with rebates and other incentives. 

In weekly training sessions, participants will work on developing "soft skills" critical to succeeding in the job market. These skills include self-motivation, communication, setting realistic expectations, and more. 

Upon completion of the program, we will assist participants with placement in on-the-job training, apprenticeships, or certification programs to pursue their chosen field. 

2010 Calendar 
January 8 - April 30                    AUBURN & ROSEVILLE
June 4 - August 11                        TRUCKEE & NORTH TAHOE
September 28 - December 8   PLACERVILLE & SOUTH LAKE TAHOE